We all know that wedding photography can be a big expense these days right? But just ask yourself, of all the things you’ll spend money on for your wedding day – the cake, the band, the venue, the vintage car…how many of these will you keep and continue to look at in the years to come? The answer is none of them. Photography is an investment and so is your wedding album.

Like everything else we provide to our clients – your wedding album is an experience. Even though we live in a digital age, seeing an image on your computer screen can never compare to a professionally printed image. Being able to physically touch and hold a beautifully handmade album instantly transports you back to that special day. So whether a year has gone by and the two of you are reliving the memories…or whether you’re surrounded by your children fifteen years down the line (and they’re laughing at the odd fashion choices and guessing who’s who!) – your wedding album is important. It’s a visual narrative of one of the most important days in your life.

Now I also know that there’s the temptation to save money by making an album yourself (D.I.Y!) or popping online and using one of the countless photo book makers. These options may seem like a good idea at first but just remember why you hired your photographer in the first place. They are the expert – both at taking photographs and presenting them. If you put your trust in them, they will deliver an album that does justice to the quality of photography.

With that in mind, it’s important to also tell you that whenever I photograph a wedding, I am always thinking about how the images will work in an album. Eight out of ten of our brides purchase an album from us so it’s a fundamental influence as to the way I shoot.

All our range of albums are supplied by only the very best album manufacturers including Queensberry who are considered the best wedding albums in the world!